How do you ensure that a flash of inspiration does not end up burning you? How far can you actually go before you go over the edge? And how can you give even castles in the air a solid foundation? These are questions for which we have 16 rock-solid answers. In German, English, Spanish, and, if you want, even in legalese. 16 strong personalities with a weakness for good questions.

Dr. Johannes Ahme

The best number? For me, it has to be Euler’s number e, because the exponential function ex  based on it is of outstanding importance for describing temporal developments in physics, electrical engineering, and many other scientific and technical disciplines.

Dr. Bernd Christian Janssen

The most curious patent law? If a cook in ancient Greece invented a new, delicious dish around 700 BC, no one was allowed to make use of the invention within a year – only the cook themself. During this time, the cook took the profits from the dish, and all the other cooks competed to outdo their invention.

Dr. Martin Nohlen

The most interesting cases? For me, those are the ones where we work with clients and colleagues as a team. When working in a true team, you often identify what can give you the edge for an inventive activity: synergies that someone alone wouldn’t be able to create. As well as being successful, this is fun.

Dr. Fabian Müller

How do I start the day? Exercise in the fresh air with my dog. It’s wonderful and good preparation for all the mental activities that will follow throughout the day.

Dr. Alexander Thünken

The most important thing at work? Having fun in your day-to-day work and making sure it stays that way. The legal field of Intellectual Property constantly throws up new and exciting cases with an international connection, in which great scope for argumentation opens up. Also make sure to strike the right work-life balance. What more could you want?

Dr. Anatol Spork

How do I view the patent system? The patent system gives humankind technical progress, the inventor due recognition, the patent holder a temporary monopoly right for disclosing the invention, and the patent attorney one of the best jobs in the world.

Dr. Hanna Pieper

What fascinates me about the profession of patent attorney? The exciting innovation of science combined with the sober legal mindset.

Dr. Nils Lindenmaier

What do I bring to the table to provide your ideas with the best protection? My capacity as a team player at the interface of technology and law, an eye for your commercial goals, and my enthusiasm for chemistry, life sciences, and related disciplines as a key to your innovations.

Dr. Johannes Heidemann

My greatest inspiration? Nature! You only have to look closely enough to be surprised again and again by its diverse and complex solutions to problems – or simply to be impressed by its beauty.