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We are experts in patent, design, trademark, copyright and unfair competition law.


Our Services include

  • Drafting and filing patent and utility model applications
  • Patent prosecution before the European Patent Office and the German Patent and Trademark Office Opposition and appeal proceedings
  • Nullity proceedings before the German Federal Patent Court / Patent litigation, both cross-border and national

  • Validity and infringement opinions
  • Freedom-To-Operate searches
  • Advice on the Law on Employee Inventions
  • Filing and prosecuting Supplementary Protection Applications

Chemische Patente
Chemistry and Pharmacology

Mineral oil products
Disinfectants and cleansing agents
Small molecule-based therapeutics
Cosmetic products
Dental materials
Packaging materials
Surface coatings

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Biotechnologische Patente
Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Transgenic plants
Bacterial and viral vaccines
Therapeutic stem cell applications
Monoclonal antibodies
Protein-based pharmaceuticals
Viral vectors
DNA purification/amplification

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Electronics and Engineering

Aviation industry
Automobile industry
Prosthetic devices
Telecommunication devices
Printing machines
Wound dressings
Navigational devices

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Trademarks, Designs and Unfair Competition Law

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Our Services include

  • Development of filing strategies and management of trademark portfolios worldwide
  • Prosecuting trademarks in Germany, on a European and on an international scale, with a special focus on opposition proceedings before the EUIPO and the General Court of the European Union EU-wide and national Customs seizure applications

  • Combating product piracy
  • Advice on designs and design prosecution
  • Out-of-court and court litigation of trademarks, commercial designations, designs and concerning behavior in breach of the Law against Unfair Competition
  • Negotiating and drafting co-existence and license agreements

We have specific Expertise in the following industries

Apparel / Sports wear / Cosmetics / Pharmaceuticals / Chemical commodities / Luxury goods / Jewelry / Consumer goods / Household appliances / Electronics / Measuring apparatus / Medical devices / Software / Food and beverages / Confectionery products / Spirits and liquors / Pet food / Furniture / Games and toys

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