• Practice Areas


    Our Services:

    Drafting and filing patent and utility model applications

    Patent prosecution before the European Patent Office and the German Patent and Trademark Office Opposition and appeal proceedings

    Nullity proceedings before the German Federal Patent Court

    Patent litigation, both cross-border and national

    Validity and infringement opinions

    Freedom-To-Operate searches

    Filing and prosecuting Supplementary Protection Applications


    Our Services:

    Assessment of the existence of a copyrighted work including scientific, literary or artistic works

    Drafting and analysing agreements relating to the creation or use of protected works

    Out-of-court and court litigation in copyright-related matters

    Employee invention law

    Our Service:

    Advising on the Law on Employee Inventions


    Our Services:

    We have specific expertise in the following industries: Apparel, Sportswear, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical commodities, Luxury goods, Jewelry, Consumer goods, Household appliances, Electronics, Measuring apparatus, Medical devices, Software, Food and beverages, Confectionery products, Spirits and liquors, Pet food, Furniture, Games and toys

    Clearance searches

    Development of filing strategies and management of trademark portfolios worldwide

    Prosecuting trademarks in Germany, on a European and on an international scale, with a special focus on opposition proceedings before the EUIPO and the General Court of the European Union EU-wide

    Out-of-court and court litigation of trademarks, commercial designations, designs and concerning behavior in breach of the Law against Unfair Competition

    Combating product piracy

    Unfair competition law

    Our Services consist in Out-of-court and court litigation and advice concerning behavior in breach of the Law against Unfair Competition, including

    misleading or comparative advertising

    unfair copying and unfair imitation of products or services

    labeling requirements, especially in the field of food, pet food and cosmetic products

    advertising concepts and promotion measures

    trade and business secrets and unfair obstruction of competitors

    Intellectual property agreements

    Our Services:

    co-existence and prior rights agreements (trademarks and business designations)

    all kinds of technology transfer agreements including license agreements (for all IP rights)

    research & development agreements

    All other agreements surrounding IP rights


    Our Services:

    Development of filing strategies and management of design portfolios

    Prosecuting designs in Germany, on a European and on an international scale

    Validity and infringement opinions

    Out-of-court and court litigation of designs

    Border seizures

    Our Services:

    Advising and representing IP rights owners in border seizure proceedings

    Preparing and filing of border seizure applications, also EU-wide

    Keeping close contact with customs officers

    Taking measures to ensure that seized counterfeit items are destroyed

    Conducting subsequent civil law and criminal law proceedings and investigations