• Blau EN

    „It is still uncertain whether the United Kingdom will leave the EU on a deal or no-deal basis. In case of a „no-deal BREXIT“, the following applies to unitary IP rights which cover the whole EU, i.e. to European Union trademarks and Community Designs:

    • Registered EU trademarks and Community Designs will automatically be „cloned“, creating a new independent UK trademark or design. A separate new UK application is not necessary. As we heard, no additional filing fees will be incurred. The owners of the IP rights will be informed automatically. Thus, there is no need for action.
    • Applications for EU trademarks and Community Designs can or should be re-filed as a national UK trademark or design in order to maintain their protection also in the UK. The application has to be made within nine months in order to safeguard the filing date (which will then correspond to the filing date of the EU application).
    Please let us know if you have any further questions. We are happy to assist you!“