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    From established companies to aspirational start-ups, from research institutions to universities, from individual inventors to reputable law firms in Germany and all over Europe: Our clients work in a variety of fields and therefore deal with diverse issues when it comes to Intellectual Property. It is not without a certain amount of pride that we can say they rely on our legal and technical expertise and our readiness to offer tailor-made and commercially effective solutions while dealing with even the most complex of issues.

    Our services do not only include the preparation of documentation, assistance in the filing process and the registration. The accomplished attorneys at Uexküll & Stollberg will defend your Intellectual Property before relevant offices and in court, may it be by asserting claims or challenging the validity of a competitor’s Intellectual Property rights. Assign us with handling your Intellectual Property, and you can rely on the assistance of highly experienced attorneys who will help you achieve your specific goals.

    Business Enterprises

    Running efficient IP operations is a demanding task any future-oriented company needs to accomplish to thrive. One decisive factor for market success is the implementation of novel and advanced solutions. In the past, in-house IP functions have proven to be more than valuable for the evolutions of companies in various fields. Therefore, the pickup in demand for the expertise offered by IP functions is no surprise.

    We at Uexküll & Stollberg are proud to be able to offer our clients this expertise. A fruitful and empowering relationship is critical when it comes to drawing on the company’s full potential, which is why we have our attorneys integrate with the existing team. Together we develop unique strategies for success and help our clients translate these strategies into concrete actions. All the while, we stay open for proposed amendments and gladly answer any questions.

    Science & Research Institutions

    Universities, specialized departments and research institutes encounter highly specific issues when it comes to dealing with IP. First of all, they need to promote their current and future research and thereby acquire funding. To be eligible for funding programs, IP must be undisputed. Secondly, work, revenue, and income depend on IP, whether it may be through licenses or spin-outs.

    Before any income can be generated, however, a close evaluation of the commercial potential of a particular product or service must take place, and IP must be secured early on in the process. Our service includes not only the preparation and filling in of forms. Even more importantly, we actively analyse research results and make recommendations on whether or not it is best to proceed with individual projects.

    Law Firms

    Every law firm has their specific demands, which is why we at Uexküll & Stollberg offer tailor-made solutions to our clients and map out reliable strategies that convince by practicality, viability, and efficiency. Being assigned directly or via an agency, it is always our firm target to provide our clients with quick responses and business-oriented solutions, including litigation support in contentious proceedings. IP rights, whether registered or granted, may often be subject to complicated, adversary proceedings.

    Our attorneys possess relevant backgrounds in a variety of technical fields and their experience of proceedings and general court practice allows them to handle even the most complicated legal issues with mastery. Furthermore, we conscientiously keep up to date with the German and European law and help our clients to act accordingly when it comes to devising their filing and prosecution strategy.

    Start Ups

    For their enterprise to prosper creatively and economically, start-ups must develop innovative concepts and original IP. To devise a coherent strategy, however, a comprehensive examination is every bit as essential as are precise ascertainment and reasonable management of the portfolio, may its purpose be acquiring financial means, increasing competitiveness or preparing a sale.

    Always considering the often limited budget especially young start-ups have at hand, we begin by meeting our customers and determining the primary goal of the start-up. In the next step, we draw on established methods and devise customized strategies that best fit our customers’ needs. We have found out that especially start-ups profit from straightforward, scalable and particularly feasible strategies and concentrate on devising plans that meet precisely these criteria.